Saturday, December 20, 2008

From Welly With Love (dedicated to Bro Chouji)


hehe...Today I received a package from my bro (senior) in Wellington NZ.. I am so happy since this is my very first time receive thing from So Chouji, as my appreciation to your 'love'.. I put them in my blog eh..haha..

~ A package from NZ in my letter box?? OMG..hehe..

~ Now let's see what is inside..Walawey.. an all blacks fern pin.. mak aish.. stylo laa ko Chouji..ishk2...

~ A soft toy cum a keychain..
~ with New Zealand embroidery of course..
~ got zip here.. meh kita try bukak..
~ waaa.. ada seekor anak kiwi dalam nih..
~ ishk2.. comeynyer..
~ a kiwi wears NZ scarf inside of this softtoy..

~ and of course a letter from a brother to his lil brother..

Thanks a lot bro for those things. Just wanna ask you..
If I want an All Blacks jersey, do i have to send you the money also??hehehe...
anyway..thanks again man...ko nak aku pos kopok lekor ker??hehe..

p/s: Chouji is my senior (Cohort 4) and he is in Victoria University of Wellington, NZ right now..
He is a great man..percaye laa cakap ak nih..hehe..tapi dia sudah jangan laa cuba2 nak mengorat ke yer..haha..

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