Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great Teacher Inspires...

As the saying goes..
Great Teacher Inspires, Great Teacher Changes The World..

I had never thought about this sentence before. Indeed, never heard.
I am not even thought to become a teacher one day.
Let me think back what I want to be during my primary and secondary school.
Maybe a lawyer and a doctor. Yes it is. That was my answer each time people / my teacher asked me such question. Even though we are planning, Allah is also planning, and He is the best planner.
Right now I am on my way to become an education artist. I like the word 'Education Consultant'. It seems more professional and a good euphemism for 'teacher'. Hahaha..

Why suddenly I want to talk about this eh? Quite weird though. Actually I was checking my pictures file in my laptop and I found some memorable and inspire pictures. An appreciation from my students when we were in SK SS 19, Subang Jaya for our School Based Experience (SBE). SBE had opened my eyes in my future profession. SBE brought a new determinition for me to become a teacher. Maybe I will talk about my SBE in another entry.

Great Teacher Inspires, but these things really inspire me to become a great teacher. Our students did it and gave it to us on our last day in that school. They touched my heart in unexplain words. An insight of my students. (click on picture to enlarge it)

and then I pasted it on the wall in front of my study table

"kami suka kehadiran cikgu!!!"

one of the card that was specially dedicated to me.

Honestly, those messages will become my inspire in facing the challenges in educating the future generation. Thanks a lot to you my students..You guys ROCK lah..


Hilmi Zulfadli Shahrom said...

Good luck la kawan dalam menghadapi kehidupan sebagai bakal seorang guru..

Ak?? Cikgu?? Guru??

X penah terpikir pn nk jadi.. Smpai sorg kwn yang tgh amik kedoktoran ckp kt aku.. Cikgu adalah manusia hebat.. Cikgu yang lhirkan doktor or arkitek..

Seorang doktor wat silap, cuma sorg je yang mati.. Kalo arkitek wat silap cuma 1 building je runtuh.. TP KALO CIKGU YANG WAT SILAP,1 KETAMADUNAN MANUSIA AKAN MUSNAH..

azarsyafiq said...

trimas kpd saudara hilmi..
sesungguhnya memang benar
kata2mu itu kawanku..

ayuhlah kita menjadi cikgu yg hebat..
sesungguhnya tanggungjawab kita amatlah berat sebenarnya..

selendangkapas said...

produk cikgu adalah manusia.
tu ayat famous lec aku
dan aku mengerti maksudnya

azarsyafiq said...

anda betul cik selendangkapas