Monday, December 15, 2008

Kasut Bush Saiz Berapa???

Wohohohooo... Kalau ada award insiden paling best tahun ini mahupun adegan yang takkan dilupakan dalam sejarah peradaban manusia.. Sudah pastinya insiden pada tanggal 15 December 2008 merupakan salah satu yang tak akan dilupakan umat sejagat..

Apa yang berlaku eh? Bukak CNN, BBC, Al-Jazera, mahupun saluran-saluran berita dan surat khabar di Malaysia ini, sure punye ar ade citer pasal "BUSH DIBALING KASUT" di Iraq..

Quote from Yahoo News

KABUL (AFP) – It will likely rank as one of the more bizarre episodes of his presidency -- George W. Bush, surely one of the most protected leaders in history, ducking as two size 10 shoes hurtled in his direction.

The US president laughed off the incident during a surprise visit to Iraq, although it highlighted the lingering hostility still felt toward the man who ordered the 2003 invasion of the country.

"I didn't know what the guy said, but I saw his sole," Bush quipped later, not the first -- and he won't be the last -- to rack up a shoe pun.

The footwear belonged to an Iraqi television journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi, who jumped up as Bush was holding a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

"It is the farewell kiss, you dog!" he shouted, and threw the shoes before being wrestled to the ground by security guards and frogmarched out.

Bush lowered his head and the first shoe hit the American and Iraqi flags behind the two leaders. The second was off target.

heh..yang paling best tu..encik Bush tu boleh gelak2 giler babas beliau ini.. patut laa die serang Iraq dengan coolnya..haha..
Bagi orang Arab, dibaling kasut bermaksud penghinaan sehina-hinanya, kejian, kutukan, makian dan segala2nya tahap ekstrem ar..kira siapa kena baling kasut tu memang orang yang hina kaw2 ar..tapi Bush rilex jer..stylo..sure dia rasa macam santa claus bagi hadiah kasut baru kat dia..haha..

Bush menganggap orang yang baling tu sebagai mencari perhatian jer..tapi betul jugak kan..pasal alang-alang nak baling, baling ar bom ker..takat kasut, sure2 nak tarik perhatian dunia jer..sure Bush fikir mamat ni kurang kasih sayang betul..haha..camne laa mamat Bush ni tak sedar2 yang orang benci dia, kutuk and hina dia..seluruh dunia lah contoh orang yang tak akan insaf dan tak sedar diri..huhu

so as the conclusion..Mr G.W.Bush..please realise what is the message that the shoes thrower (or should i say a baseball pitcher) delivers. It is the message from each wise individual in this world that just can't stand to see your idiotic acts.. Before you officially stand back from you job and your tittle Mr President, please open your eyes..widely..and see how many people hate you.. you has grabbed people's life, their love one, and even their make the world sees Americans as stupid people..but actually, it is just YOU..

and I like to quote what the shoes thrower said to you (translation)

"It is the farewell kiss, you dog!"

a good message before you step down..hehe..

anyway you have a pair of new shoes this christmas..Santa loves you, that's why he gives it earlier..special for you..hopefully you got the right size..hahaha...

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