Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Poem To Teachers...

Teach Me Please

A teacher has much to do
To take charge of children
To teach and reach
All the nation's children
Such a noble task
To make the nation's champion
Contribute the country
Bringing much glory.

Actually, this is an addition entry for the previous entry.
It is about a card which was given by my students.
What is special with this card compared to others is this card comes with a poem.
A poem from a student to her teachers.

Let's see the card ayte..

And the poem :::~

And a short and sweet message for us ::~
Frankly speaking, this poem is not an original poem by the student.
If I'm not mistaken, it can be found in English Year 3 text book.
But still, this student has showed her appreciation towards us by doing this card
and also dedicates the poem specially for us...

Huhhh.. how insightful.. Thanks Suraya (Yaya)..


syamem said...

kiutnye bdk2 nehh.....

azarsyafiq said...

yea..mereka mmg cute..macam cikgu mereka..hehe