Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Uploaded Photos

Ladies and gentlemen...

hehe.. I have uploaded some new photos into my photo collection in MY FOTOPAGE..
feel free to visit it and drop some comments on the albums so that I can improve my skill in photography.

 - Fotopages.com - Fotopages.com
want to see more?? visit MY FOTOPAGE

some notes: i divided the photo collections into albums according to its theme. so don't just see the pictures outside the album. please click on "view all photos" on each album to see every pictures in the album. the pictures outside are only for album's cover. (i tell you this because lot of my friends were complaining about it. "sikit je gambar pesal". pasni ko tanye lagi siap aku sekeh.)

So my friends..do comments my photos ya.. i'm still new and learning in this field. a lot more to learn. a lot lot more to improve..hehe..thanks yaa....