Friday, February 20, 2009

Malaysian @ Marjon

Salam..hehe...For this entry, I would like to share one of our culture in Malaysia that we are not forget to bring to UK.. Yassin recital.. Malaysian here have this weekly activity and we do it separately from boys and girls.. I believe this has been done from the previous cohorts and we will continue the tradition..We will recite the Yassin together and one house will be the host house (boys in boy's house, girls in girl's house) for this ceremony. And for this week, my house (House 32) is the host..

semua membaca dgn khusyuk tanpa menghiraukan tukang amik gmbar..bagus2..huhu

After the recital, one of us will give tazkirah (a short story as the reminder for all of us).. and after that, the host house will serve some foods and drinks (jamuan moreh sket)..So since we are in the place so called United Kingdom, usually we serve chips and snacks..hehe..British people love to eat chips ok..the next host house claims that they will serve rice or cereal for next week (kalo takde siap korang..huhu)

Faris membantu tuan rumah menghidang chips 'Walkers' kpd tetamu..huhu..sedap nih..

i'm not sure about the other universities, but this is how we do it in Marjon.. since the Marjon Village is also known as the Malaysian Village in Plymouth (because here is the largest Malaysian community in Plymouth), we can do it and we are happy with it..i believe this activity will tighten the bonding among us and shows to the local that Muslim is unite and Malaysian will not forget our roots wherever we Cohort 5 in Aussie and NZ, buatlah selalu aktiviti yang boleh merapatkan ukwah sesama kita kat tempat masing2 yer..

sebahagian tetamu Cohort 4 & Cohort 5 yg sempat posing kat depan camera..huhu..



fikrifayi said...

tukang amik gambar x bace yasin ke.. haha

yuSry haiDzir said...

yup,stuju2...x bce yassin ke??

azarsyafiq said...

aish..skill tinggi bese ar..2 keje boleh buat serentak..huhuhu..