Sunday, March 8, 2009

Behind The Scene "Night of Reminiscence"

Salam viewers..hehe..actually I was browsing through my files in my laptop and I was thinking to rearrange them..OMG it was a big mess in my documents..haish..then I came across with a file with the name "Night Of Reminiscence".. shoot man..I totally forgot to uploaded the pictures of that night after I gave a simple touch on them..editing I mean..OK now I have uploaded them in MY FOTOPAGES <- click to view..Then I found some folder with behind the recording scene will be a great entry for my blog I would say..So guys, the dinner was not just about having the best food..please do think about the people behind the dinner who had sacrificed a lot for the happiness of Cohort 5..I dedicate this entry as a tribute to those who made the dinner a memorable event for all of us...and to all Cohort 5 members..I miss you..(suddenly emo after saw the pictures) ---click picture to enlarge it---

The committee meeting

The outdoor video recording session

arrived in our first location for recording..SK SS19 Subang Jaya..hehe

I show you the storyboard for this scene

Give a brief explanation to Miss Florinta. "Ok Flo ko jalan sampai hujung simpang tu, nanti ada lori bertembung dgn bas, ko lompat dan terbang ok". Flo hanya mampu buat muka bengang..hehe..

explanation for the pupils. "kitorg ni dari produksi kecik takde bayaran pon yer..blakon ikhlas je tau nih..paham murid2.." hehe...

Scene 1 take 1, action...

This is how the recording looks like..

budak2 yg suke mengerumun kat aku.."ait cikgu da cakap tadi blakon ikhlas je payment eh..ekeke"

this was at KL Sentral..we looked like from a big production crew..hehe..

the main actor for this KL Sentral scene..Mr. Shogi Hamannop

ok..well done guys..wrap up and blah..yeahh...

everybody was very tired after the recording..haih...

Recording Session in DKC (Lecture Hall C)

Before the Dinner

Fikri & I..we did some last technical checkup to make sure everything is perfect for Cohort 5..

OK I forgot to tell you.. our dinner was held at The Palace Of The Golden Horses on 9th November 2008. Do you feel like you want to watch the video that we did?? feel free to click on the links below :

THE STORY OF COHORT 5 (Video during dinner)
Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

(Credit to MR Heiji122 for uploaded them)

and to see the full official "The Night of Reminiscence" pictures from the official tukang tekan shutter camera on here -> AZARSYAFIQ[PHOTOGRAPHY]

 - - - -

Kawan-kawan..aku rindu korang..ermm...

thanks for reading yaaa...cheers..

p/s: Like the video??If you feel like hiring us for a short comercial video, yes you can do so..but bear in mind that we are not in Malaysia right the payment is including the transportation return ticket ok..hehe..and if you feel like we have talent and you want to 'so called' develop our potentials, I tell you..we are teacher to be..tapi sambil2 ape salahnya kan..hehe..


i r r i n a said...

ko rindu KAMI SEMUA?
aku mewakili KAMI SEMUA rindu camera ko yang xseberapa ringan tu...

fikrifayi said...

huhu.. berbakat ye..

Khirol Azuddin said...

credits kat kereta milik aku xde ke?

azarsyafiq said...

Irrina: camera aku tak rindu kamu semua pon..huhu..

Fikri: alaa kite buat sama2 kan..huhu..sama2 berbakat..

Khirol: kredit ntuk sume yg terlibat temasuk kete ko dgn petrol2nye skali..ekekeke..sori ar time recording scene kete ko takde org amik gamba plak..huhuhu

fikrifayi said...

haha.. itu yg aku nk dgr 2.. haha...
muahahahaa.. (gelak evil)

azarsyafiq said...

yer encik fikri..hahaha

kokmi said...

huwaaa...x dpt tgk video tu..
kuar gambar pangkah...adus!!!
w/pun dah ptg n sume org dah balek rumah! takk ehehee..
internet tetap hal tah..tensen2....

azarsyafiq said...

eheh..gamba tu mmg bukan video kitorg buat..haha..sori ar kokmi..kat UK ni tenet laju..Msia mmg lembab silap..lembab bnyk..hahaha