Thursday, April 16, 2009

England Cities Trip Part 3

Welcome To Birmingham

heh..thanks to Encik Faris because of his laptop..we are looking for the map (apesal kitorg suke sgt macam tgk Raja Lawak jer?huhu)

Birmingham Bullring (one of the biggest shopping mall in UK)

UFO blakang aku..huhu..a very futuristic architecture I would say (actually, it is only a carpark area for the shopping mall..what the heck???huhu)

The City Centre of Birmingham (agak crowded)

Pengembara di bumi Birmingham (meramaikan lagi crowd yg sedia ramai)

heh..saje2 je suka berdiri camni..

Victoria Square Birmingham (opened by Her Majesty Queen Victoria - tempat ni takde kaitan dgn Victoria University of Wellington okeh)

Me with Birmingham Coat of Arms (motto dia bukan 'Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu' ataupun 'Mesra, Cepat dan Betul' eh)

aku tgh posing untuk iklan deodorant Rexona for men 'It won't let you down' (haish bukan laa..tgh amik gambar banggunan antik tu laa..)

tourist yg bergaya..huhu

inilah dia banggunan yg digembar-gemburkan kat gamba2 kt atas tuh..Birmingham City Council at Victoria Square..this is its front view..

we arrive at Birm in the morning and we leave to London in the afternoon. So we do not spend much time here. There are still many areas of this city that we do not explore. Wish we could at another time. For me Birm is just like another typical city in England. Since we are just wandering around the city centre, I believe there must be many other historical and significant places around Birm. And it has many shopping areas that might make your money flow from your wallet. But i'm not into shopping. Syukur..huhu.. And I find a lot of Muslim bertudung here. And also many people from Asia Barat. Omputih plak yg kurang. Confuse kejap aku ade kat mana nih..huhu...

so till then..peace..


fikrifayi said...

thnx 4 ur comment. tp gmbr2 tu aku xenhanc saturation.. just sharpen n add shadow je.. rumput tu mmg color camtu.. huhu

Ilidina.. said...

seronoknye aku tgk ko g jln2..hehe

yuSry haiDzir said...

eyh, kampung aku tu!

azarsyafiq said...

fikri: nothing's wrong with the grass..nevermind..nyway tetap cantik..

illidina: ko plak yg seronok eh..haha..takpe..time ko akan tiba gak..

yusry: kampung ko?? heh..yer ker?? nape tak bgtau awl2..bleh ak singgah mintak duit raya..