Saturday, May 30, 2009

MalaysianFest09 Pictures from my camera (^.^)v

Salam readers...

Our MalaysianFest09 has ended successfully.. Eventhough it was a heavy rain on the day (270509) and we have changed our venue (from Marjon Quad to the Sport Centre), we managed to attract many local to come and see our event.. Days to the big day were tiring but honestly, I was happy with it.. Especially when we worked together to make sure the event will be a huge success for us.. cut the crap.. let's see some of the pictures...

Malaysian at Plymouth (plus some locals)

akak2ku (plus sorg abg?) yg selalu membuli aku..huhuhu

one of the food stall

adik ni anak orang Malaysia kat sini 

see the crowd..huuoooo...

kak tiku dgn gaya motherly beliau..

KLCC,umah kampung,kuda kepang dan peta Malaysia

want to see more pictures???
feel free to go to My Fotopages--->

and as I told some people that I hate uploading pictures on the internet because it downgrades the pictures' quality. And another thing, if you feel like I have captured your picture but it is not in my fotopages, ask me ok.. I just uploaded some of the pictures.. the one that I feel the best.. (pasal takleh upload bnyk2 skali)..there are more in my collection.. So if you want the soft copy of the pictures for your collection, give your pendrive to me okeh.. or else, you can just view it online..and don't forget to leave comments..

p/s: kak tiku, gmbar akak kt atas tu kene cas eh..psl susah nk dpt tu...wahahaha..


Syaza said...

gambar lawa dowh~!! ^^

btw, ehem2, suke buli ek~??
*angkat kening*

unique_daisy said...

cik nadhia x penah buli azar.. -_-

azarsyafiq said...

tq kak syaza..

yeah..mereka suka membuli saya..huhu

zatiMJ said...

gmbar tiku nmpak sgt cantek! (well tiku kalo ko baca nie, dlm gmbar jer yer.hahaha).
btw kak zati link awk ye azar.

azarsyafiq said...

ok urs back ok..

Anonymous said...

abg, yea? tp, rasenyer abg xde buli slalu pon.. kdg2 je, kan? XP

lgpun, azar kan adeq abg... kan kite same2 along... xkan ngan abg pun nak berkire kot? X'P

btw, nice pic u got there! thanks, buddy!

azarsyafiq said...

huhu..yer ar tu bang..btol tu bang..huhu..

thanks yer bang..nice model jugak (pengampu yg baek..huhu)

isz kakak tiri azar said...

gmbr ak mana???
x aci..

azarsyafiq said...

takkan sume gamba nk padat kt sini kot..sini preview jer..cek ar kt fotopages ak tuh..gamba ak pon takde nak bising2 gamba ko plak..huhu