Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For Superman Lover

A new and final mixtape from The Mixtape Series by The Rhymeweaver (dope bruda). As previous mixtapes from him, Music Inspired by Superman, The Man of Steel (Superman Mixtape) shows his intelligent in delivering his ideas and messages. Honestly I admire his rhymes because for me he constructed them wisely and they are not 'empty' like most hip-hop/rap rhymes/songs. Needless to say his choice of words (either in English or BM rhymes) is superb. Salute.

Ok back to this Vol.5 of the Mixtapes Series. I'm not good in writing review but here it goes for the mixtape with 4 tracks.

1. Up in the Sky (intro)
- Nothing much for this track since it's only a sample taken from Superman cartoon series.
- For me it's a good intro as it introduces to overall idea of this mixtape.

2. Say No to Kryptonite
- Personally my favourite track.
- It's about the top thing on list that Superman hates. The Green Rock from Planet Krypton.
- The rhyme is good and how he presents the story is the best.
- The beat makes the song sounds so catchy and you will feel like moving. Club style with hazardous mineral message. Niceness..

3. Fly You to Polaris
- Basically it's a romantic/love track in this mixtape.
- He illustrate the story from Superman's point of view. Cool imagination aite..
- The beat really suits the rhyme and mood of this track. Love it.

4. Jaguh Angkasa
- A BM track, a story about Superman but applicable to Malaysian superheroes (or maybe about Malaysian Superman).
- As a big fan of BM rap, this track has captured my attention.
- The story, rhyme, choice of words (formal BM with some complicated words but later explained in e-mag), beat, flow, mood and everything in this track are perfect.

- Highest admiration for the originality of this mixtape..
- Love all tracks and encourage people to download and listen them..
- Should put more tracks bro... We want more..

Not just this mixtape but all mixtape in The Rhymeweaver The Mixtape Series have their own theme and originality for instance literature, horror, love and Superman (this mixtape). So you can download all of them. Trust me, they are not typical rap/hip-hop songs. Can't wait for his final compilations of The Mixtapes Series: Renaissance Man and Taming Sari.

To Mr Rhymeweaver, for me you are one visionary MC/rapper. I can see that from the way you plan your mixtape series. Since this is your final mixtape (as you mentioned) and you are going to focus on your career (teaching) afterward, all the best from me. You always have my support. I hope you don't totally quit on rapping because it's going to be a big waste. You are really good man. Jom kita jadi 'cikgu rap' plak laa lepas ni..huhu (shoot pehal bunyi mcm farewell speech lak nih).

to download The Mixtape Series or to know more about Mr Rhymeweaver, visit his website

to read the interview between Dissecting the Euphony and Mr Rhymeweaver click here.

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p/s: do you have physical copy of your mixtapes? can I get them?


Chenta Bukan Nama Sebenar said...

ak da jmpe rhymeweaver...ahahha

azarsyafiq said...

da ko kat oklen mmg ler..haha..

A, is for Anomaly said...

hello brother, terima kasih sebab link URL DtE, we really appreciate that. do drop by sometimes yea?

oh TRW memang one of a hell talented rapper, I must say.


A, is for Anomaly
Dissecting the Euphony.

azarsyafiq said...

my pleasure..tadahal laa brader..