Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vote For Us yawww!!!!

5forty2's song with the title 'Rilek' is on top of the 'MyFlowChartz' furh reall yaawww... (click here to the link -> Week 7 Top 10 - My Flow Chart).. Thanks to all voters for the supports.. MyFlow Chartz is an urban music chart for Malaysian artists especially the underground one who doesn't get any publicity from the mainstream.. or in other word, kami tak giler glemer.. wahahaha..

So whoever has not listen to Rilek yet, you can visit this link -> 5forty2 - Rilek (hint - budak first verse lagu tu bakal balik Msia hujung tahun nih ^^Y )

Okeh back to the topic.. Please feel free to go to My Flow Chartz website <<--sila click and look at your right hand side on your computer screen (in the website laaahh kan).. There are a place for you to listen to the musics in the list and also a place for you to put your vote.. Please look for Amarah - 5forty2 and vote for us!!!!!! (vote first, listen later...wahaha)

Amarah is another song by 5forty2 which was produced by a German hip-hop producer who believes that our songs are good and should be listed in his Worldwide Mixtape. You can download the mixtape from 5forty2 website (you know where to find it).. And this song is about manusia or kita2 yang cepat sangat marah2 and naik hangin and tak berfikir secara rasional.. listen to our advice in this song yer adik2..wahahaha...

So guys listen to it (you can listen it from MyFlow website or download the whole mixtape) and then vote for us if you think the song deserves your vote..

Vote 5forty2 Yawww!!!

p/s: vote je lah senang citer..huhu


Ka-E said...

ui ceh~~~ congrats.... semoga menang undi~

azarsyafiq said...

heeee..thanks for the support eh..ekeke..