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Introducing: 5forty2

A short Q&A session a.k.a. interview with 5forty2 (542) by The Pizzza Magazine.

542, (pronounced five forty two) is the one of the most diverse, energetic and exciting malay hip hop groups to have picked up a microphone in the last few years. The group formed in 2003 where three blood brothers decided to spend their free time to not eating ketupat and lemang during Hari Raya by recording a Hiphop track, after taking their name from post code address (Jelatek), 5forty2 released their first Apa-apa in 2003 and well known for single Budak-Budak Zaman Sekarang that has been widely circulating around up until now.

The group comprises Edry ‘Alfaisal’ Faisal, Reza ‘Cypherdefect’, Ezry ‘RyFa’ Fahmy, Edly ‘Phonic’ Firdaus , Abdul ‘DMent’Muhaimin, Muhd ‘G’ Farzuan (working during interview), Azar ‘NaraMerah’ Syafiq (currently in Plymouth, UK) and new member Khairul Shahid (grounded!)

Pizzza had the chance to interview at Syed Bistro mamak in Kelana Jaya right after they finish recording new song. 5 out 8 5forty2 members answer some of our silly questions in an exclusive Q&A. Let’s get cracking!!

Hey guys, hope you are well, so what’s up with 5forty2 latest projects?
alfaisal – bascially, we have several micro projects running and ’several’ around to cancel. hehehehe in this period, we’re actually on recording (i think now) on a soundtrack for animation movie which i imagine it would probably release next year. we also do working on a soundtrack for local film and our upcoming new single hits to radio early 2011.

tell us about your current status?
cyperdefect – i work as a bookkeeper in one of local university somewhere in malaysia.
alfaisal – i’ve already married now, satu, alhamdulillah. hehehehe im a fellow researcher.
ryfa – bujang. technically, i’m still studying
phonic – i’m terrified but i dont know when i’ll get married. currently in my 3rd year of a Law degree
dment – i’m in a relationship with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. im a college student.

well, maybe i was mistaken but i heard that 5forty2 claims to be a Wu-Tang Clan of Malaysia? Apa citer ni beb?
cypherdefect – hahahahahahahahahaha! Wu-Tang malaysia? tak kot. kitorang biasa-biasa je
alfaisal – i heard about this as well. do we look like Wu-Tang? tapi kitorang takkata kitorang ni macam Wu-Tang. sebab, kalau tengok kitorang ni taklah ganas mana, semua hati lembut sebenarnya :)
ryfa – “creek ambiance”
phonic – here i am, here i am. i’m not a method man.
dment – we do not claim or represent ourselves as Wu-Tang Clan exclusive agent. no, we’re not Wu-Tang clan of Malaysia!

5forty ni untuk apa? side in-come or chasing popularity? suka-suka?

cyperhdefect – music is my passion.
alfaisal – as for me, music is part of ourselves. everyone like music. either you want to make music or listen to music. go figure.
ryfa – sorry, im spazzed. what’re u saying just now?
japanesedude – repeat the question :)
ryfa – musik ni salah satu medium dalam banyak medium yang kita pilih. contohnya ada orang mungkin menulis, ada orang mungkin berceramah so ni satu ekpresi kami pilih dari banyak medium.
phonic – populariti tu of course laaa…….bukan. but music can help me express my feelings dalam bentuk tulisan atau irama.
dment – “kami bukannya… nak mengejar populariti” – he sings the chorus part of SSK – kami tak famous lagi. 50% sampaikan pandangan / idea, 30% nothing better to do and 20% passion.

who are your major influence?
cypherdefect – N.W.A, Public Enemy dan seangkatan.
alfaisal – P.Ramlee and R.Azmi
ryfa – aku takpernah disoal soalan ni, KRU, Nico dan Eminem
phonic – P.Ramlee boleh, Wu-Tang boleh, Nico boleh. saya semua influence
dment – Teacher Shida (laugh)

what’s your perspective on Indy Hiphop / Rap?
cypherdefect – kami ni pun memang indie. takperlu istilah Indy Hiphop ni sebenarnya. (wondering where the heck is his nasi lemak at the same time?)
alfaisal – what we understand about indie? ala..kacau la mamak ni (the mamak interfere). ada orang nampak indie tu as genre musik tapi kita sendiri tahu indie tu datang dari indiependent. yang dimaksudkan dengan indiependent adalah tiada record label, kalau ia indie ke tak. takde masalah pun. aku lagi prefer tiada genre-genre baru, just stick with what we have.
ryfa – aku takpernah disoal soalan macam ni jugak.
phonic – indie hiphop la. itu la. apa la.
dment – indie hiphop? im interested in what people think i rap to if they don’t know me well

free time korang buat apa?
cypherdefect – aku banyak buang masa pada fotografi
alfaisal – tolong isteri sidai baju, berus tandas, banyak keje rumah. gilir-gilir jaga anak aku yang mengamuk
ryfa – sentiasa sibuk belajar
phonic – lepak with buddies at andalus, ampang. together we shisha to get high :P
dment – aku baca buku (mengaku tipu)

KFC ke McD?
cypherdefect – can i has Radix Fried Chicken?
alfaisal – ayam goreng yang bini aku masak. (while eating roti canai)
ryfa – Syed Bistro Mamak! (tempat kitorang tengah lepak sekarang)
phonic – saya pilih tauhu bakar jumma. the best!
dment – aku pilih “ke”

Proton is starting to make better designed cars. the only problem now is the name they choose for it. korang nak nama kan apa kalau dapat peluang?
cypherdefect – Proton Red Leader. Hahahahaha
alfaisal – Proton cypherdefect
ryfa - saw new Proton cars for the upcoming years named after the malay warriors. proton should name their car Proton Hang Buah! (laugh)
phonic – kalau kat Europe nama dia Proton Red Leader, kalau kat Malaysia kita panggil Proton Nara Merah
dment – kalau kita ada Red Leader dengan Nara Merah. aku Proton Azar Syafiq (satu meja gelak)

what convince 5forty2 to get people to listen to your music?
cypherdefect – message yang kami sampai kan different
alfaisal – kalau diorang suka dengar budak-budak menyanyi merapu. itu lah 5forty2
ryfa – dengan mendengar 5forty2, diorang akan dengar apa diorang patut dengar
phonic – lirik kitorang lain dari yang lain.
dment – kitorang je ada 8 orang. cuba bayangkan korang dengar pandangan dari 8 orang yang berbeza background.

2010 dissappoinments?
cypherdefect – takde bonus.
alfaisal – aku takpernah dissappoint dengan hidup aku. no regret! life goes on.
ryfa – munculnya fahaman yang taksepatutnya mincul
phonic – alhamdulillah, takde dissappointment
dment – 2 Alam takpecah panggung

nasihat untuk budak-budak baru?
cypherdefect – belajarlah dengan orang-orang lama.
alfaisal – to achieve your ultimate goal you will need to make the ultimate sacrifice
ryfa – aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star
phonic – practise! practise! practise! practise! telan yang pahit maka akan rasa yang pahit
dment – belajar dari basic dulu. gently seek advise from orang lama. do not boast!

Check us out at Facebook and www.542music.com and follow us at twitter at @ 5forty2
Thanks Pizzza for this interview. You rule!


taken from The Pizzza Magazine


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