Friday, January 21, 2011

542 is performing...

I'm not the fella in the above poster but 5forty2 is performing in Raising The Bar for real peepz! They are going to perform their hit songs (konon2) and their newly released single 'Perasap'. In addition, they are kind enough to give you some sneak peak of 'still-not-finish-songs-but-want-to-perform-it-so-badly-so-you-will-feel-eager-and-look-forward-for-their-upcoming-songs'. Or in other word, 'lagu-lagu baru yang bakal release'. So come lah. For more info about the event let's click -> The Pizzza Magazine

For those who have not yet listen to 5forty2's latest single, you missed one great start of 2011 lah. Watch the video below and spread it like 'asap' ya.

see yah again =D

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