Thursday, February 3, 2011

5forty2 live performance @ RaisingTheBar

For the very first time, full line up of 5forty2 fuh real peepz. 8/8 of 5forty2 performed at a hip-hop gig Raising The Bar (refer to promo in previous entry).

They performed 5 songs (2 medley & 1 full song) and trust me, the audiences were hyped throughout the show. Jemput2 laa tengok video performance dibawah.

The songs:
Medley - Rapformasi ft. Shazet (upcoming song) + Amarah
Medley - Rilek + Lihat Dunia ft. Saphuan (upcoming song)
Full - Perasap

credit to shazet for the video


iNSan biASa said...

nice!! =)

Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

waay cool!

Pokjak a.k.a. Aizat said...

ahaaa now i know what u did for the last weeks haha

anyway great performance there mate, bla nk wk kt audi ipba ne ba haha

azarsyafiq said...

thanks for the support peopleeee.. keep supporting okeh =)